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Finally! Peforming on a stage again (Music with/by Thomas Kraines, Gene Coleman)

Although a live-streamed concert. But it is so nice to be on an actuall stage again.
Annenberg Center Presents Livestream Event >

With fine cellist Thomas Kraines. Playing some great new music by Gene Coleman, Thomas Kraines, (and myself).

Gene Coleman’s piece: JANUS: “JANUS is a series of compositions for two instruments or voices based on models from auditory neuroscience, focusing on the duality of perception and the cognitive differences of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.”

SUITE FOR TWO DIFFERENT CELLOS (2019-21) Tom Kraines (b. 1970): ” ‘Backsplash,’ the third movement, will receive its premiere at this performance, and is basically an attempt to write a pop song, with a few pretensions. The piece is played entirely without the bow, with both cellos mostly in rhythmic unison; I was treating the duo as a large eight-stringed folk guitar. ”

LITANY (2021) Kinan Abou-afach (b. 1977): “A simple, wordless litany, probably for a better world; an invocation for a better tomorrow. Written to be premiered with Tom Kraines. The melody which is alternating between the two cellos, combined with microtonal approach, makes the piece feel like a distorted ancient chant.”

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