Kinan Abou-afach


New Album Release: Roads to Damascus.

Kinan Abou-afach
Frank Carlberg
Shinjoo Cho
Chico Huff
Ziya Tabassian
Bob Garrett
Liwaa Yazji
Adel Samara
Road to Damascus tells a story in 7 movements. A play on the 7 layers of history that passed by, the 7 gates/roads of the ancient city of Damascus, and uses one of the 7 musical notes to start each movement, ascending in pitch. The first piece, bidayat (“beginnings” in Arabic) imagines the history of Damascus (or the world for that matter), and the last piece: Will rise from ashes is a hopeful look into the future. The music is built over an electronic tape track, which is a mix between musique concrète, granular synthesized sounds, and field recording from the streets of Damascus, combined with live instruments that oscillate between jazz, improvisation, and Arabic maqam.

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