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Originally commissioned by LiveConnections  (Orchestral version will be available in 2019-2020).

The original idea about this piece (for live ensemble and tape) came up after a phone call

with my parents in Damascus, where I was able to hear gun shots repeatedly echoing over the phone;  hence, having the Tape music based on gunshot sounds.


The poems are below:



Untilted *
By Nazih Abou-afach
Dear honorable people:
(to all my enemies and thier enemies):
I beg you
just for a tiny moment
lay your guns and masks on the edge of this table,
which might be your last supper’s table,
and come,
rather than your divine prayer for barbarians, beggars and the fools,
let us for a tiny moment only
close our eyes,
and minds,
and our nozzles of shame,
and listen to what this rose is saying

Prophecy *
By Nazih Abou-afach
Some of the missionaries of happiness say
that after a time not so long from now,
the day will come when man can graze like the animals,
breathe like the trees,
speak like the birds,
dream like the larvae,
and become peaceful and compassionate like the beasts…;
And then, when the day ends,
shut his eyes upon his delight
and sleep … like … a flower.

Oh! What a beautiful life
to be the inhabitants of the future

* Translated by Jenny Montgomery

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