Kinan Abou-afach


Chicago | Performing with Chiara Mangiameli | Vittum Theater

On December 7th, 8th and 9th, we will be presenting our fifth theatrical production at the Vittum Theater in Chicago.

Inspired by current events, the show features Assid and Warda, father and daughter Syrian refugees who dream of escape to a Spain where their ancestors once built a different kind of civilization: one grounded in peace, tolerance and the joys of artistic expression. But when a desperate rescue at sea leaves them separated, it seems their refugee journey is destined to end in tragedy.  Can their faith in the possibilities of a better life sustain them through this final, agonizing trial?

Told through the songs and dances of flamenco by a critically acclaimed ensemble of musicians, Rose of Damascus features dancers from Studio Mangiameli, an original script by Benjamin Lumpkin, and artwork by Jim Hajicek.”

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