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  1. I attended Kinan’s live performance twice; once when he came as a guest to Cornell University, and the other time when he released his recent album in Philadelphia. He is a genius music composer. I used to hear a lot about his music when I was in Syria. I am so glad I had the chance to attend him live, and to meet him even for a few minutes in person. I was listening to some of his music recordings now, and thought of dropping these few words here. Nothing can make me feel better than listening to his exceptional music.

  2. I heard the world orchestral premiere of Speak last evening in Vermont. It was beautiful. I’m haunted and saddened by the choices we continue to make, and the path that we’re on in this country. Music like yours is a ray of light and I believe it can open minds and hearts. Thank you.

  3. Hi Kinan,
    We saw you last night at Rittenhouse Soundworks. It was a wonderful, magical evening and we love your music!
    Thank you,
    Joyce & John

  4. Bravo, Kinan!

    3Ajabni mawqi3k al-mujaddad. Atamanna lak al-tawfîq wa li-sûriya al-salâm fawran!

    ¡Que continúe con muchos más éxitos tu admirable carrera artística!

  5. Amazing compositions, nice and artistic website… Keep the good music alive… Looking forward to seeing you in Montreal, Canada

  6. Your music is out of this world! It is so inspiring. *Speak* really speaks! I love it Best of luck and I look forward to meeting you once you are in D.C.

  7. Lovely music! You should come and perform in Palestine with your group! Ramallah is the best music venue you will find 😉

  8. ABO Afash the great,miss you..loved working together..loved your music and enjoyed singing it 🙂 miss your cozy house ..miss Naomi.. lovely website..sending you some CDs with Azmeh.. Love, Dima

  9. dear Kinan Abou-Afash , I like your music a lot . thanks Mays PS:the link is a site I produced it about “Kinan Azmeh” ..

  10. مرحبا كنان، للأسف وصلتني رسالتك بيد أني لم أستطع قراءتها للأسف أرجو أن تعيد المحاولة أو أن تكتب لي بالانكليزية. سلامي لك من كولونيا ألمانيا عمّار

  11. Hi Kinan…….. long time………!!! Your website is so good….. congratulation!

  12. abu al kin… great website…. seriously…. we should play together soon here… New York is looking forward to hear you.. ciao..I will call you abu al kin

  13. Kinan, you are a great musician and I’m really glad that I have worked with you several times, I hope we will keep playing music together. nice website, and great paintings.. I wish you the best always Abu Zarour

  14. موقع رااااااااائع الى الامام ——————– رامي المحمدي

  15. Congratulation Kinanoo … Its really a lovely site …. I wish u more and more success … good luck and God bless you Maaen Abo Afach